Who We Are

Triple C (Liverpool) began life as the Three Churches Community Project, with a vision to develop social action and community engagement, led by the three Anglican churches in Liverpool 11.

Since then, we’ve developed into well established charity, with a small team of part time staff who support many volunteers across our project areas. Nearly 20 years on, we’re living out the vision of our founders and make a difference, especially in Croxteth and Norris Green.

Trustees are appointed by invitation and a key criteria for their recruitment is an interest in, and knowledge of, the communities of Norris Green and Croxteth. Many of our trustees live here in Liverpool 11, with others coming in from further afield, offering their skills and experience to boost our charity’s capacity.

Together, we’re deeply committed to our charitable aims and values.

It’s been a privilege to be part of the development of Triple C (Liverpool) and a joy to see the impact it has in bringing about positive change in the lives of local people. Life in our communities, where disadvantage scores highly (IMD) can be hard.

It’s a further privilege to hear the testimony of local people who we have helped, stories of lives changed for the better. These stories inspire me. Other story of hardship and struggle inspire me and others… to know that what we do can make a difference and that our work is not yet complete… and may never be. Our charity has kept growing and we are working hard to ensure it is sustainable for the coming years.  

Helen Edwards


Our Values

Building Community

We build community involvement without prejudice or discrimination, to improve the quality of life in the neighbourhood.

Supporting People

We believe in non-judgemental support across our networks.

Compassion & Service

We are compassionate: when we see a need we are motivated to respond to it.

Empower & Encourage

We empower and encourage the community, workers and volunteers to take the initiative and achieve their best, in a safe environment (where mistakes are viewed as learning opportunities).

Rooted in Honesty & Truth

We have a base of honesty and truth from which to build relationships within the neighbourhood.

Accountability for Action

We hold ourselves accountable: we acknowledge and assume responsibility for actions, decisions, and consequences – as individuals and as an organisation.

Kate Whiting

Operations / Finance Manager

Carol Ball

Debt Adviser

Julie Roberts

Debt Adviser

Rebecca Keggin-Holt

Older Persons
Project worker

Jan Quai

Children and Families Project worker

Connect with our Trustees


Helen Edwards

Helen has lived in Norris Green since 2005 and has been part of its story of growth since it first began. She’s vicar at Christ Church, was formerly a teacher and is committed to the charity and community.



Steve Judge has significant experience working in an actuarial environment, loves spreadsheets, working with numbers and has keen eye for detail. He not only volunteers as treasurer, but is in our policy review group and supervision teams.



Sue Chambers is born and bred in Norris Green and is our lead in the important area of Safeguarding. She represents Christ Church, leads the Food Pantry and is a very active and committed volunteer across our projects.



Denise Turner was once employed by Triple C as they supported Norris Green Community Alliance in its earliest days. Denise has extensive experience as community development worker and brings great knowledge and skill to our Trustee board as a community representative.


Peter McDonnell

Peter McDonnell served for many years running the local pharmacy in Broadway and serving there as the pharamicist. He knows lots of people and brings business experience to the board. He too has a long association with St Teresa’s Church and serves a community representative on the Trustee board.



Joan Ellis joined the board in 2021 to represent Christ Church. She’s been actively involved in our Older Persons Community Project and prior to shielding in lockdown, she was a volunteer with the Foodbank.



Steve King joined the board to represent The Good Shepherd in 2021. He lives in Croxteth and is a long serving volunteer at the Foodbank at The Good Shepherd.


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